Compliance & Technical Assistance Program

FREE and Confidential!

The intent of CTAP is to make sure every business in our service area has a contact that can make sure they get the needed air permits, or are operating within their permit requirements if they currently have permits.

Our CTAP staff will be housed independent of our permit engineers to ensure communication is kept confidential. We know confidentiality is step one to getting all the proverbial cards on the table.

Who Can Use This Service?

CTAP is intended to be available to any business within Medina, Summit, or Portage counties. The only exception would be large Title V facilities. Many much larger facilities have a budget to hire consultants to help ensure environmental compliance, but small businesses often do not. We want to ensure smaller businesses have the help they need locally.

Concern Should I Contact CTAP?
I want to start a new business. Yes
We’re going to start manufacturing a new product. Yes
We heard this new material will be more cost effective to use. Yes
I’m acquiring an existing facility in your region. Yes
Our equipment needs repaired/replaced. Yes
I need to renew my permit. Yes
How do I fill out this application? Yes

How do I Get Started?

Info sheet

CTAP is currently coordinated by Megan Talcott who can be reached at 330-812-3904 or by emailing