Air Quality Awareness Week

April 26 – May 3, 2019

Saving Energy = Air Care! 

ARAQMD, a service of Summit County Public Health, chose the theme of Saving Energy = Air Care for our local celebration. In northeast Ohio, we get our electricity predominantly from coal. While many regulations have been placed on coal burning power plants, it is still a really air polluting way to get energy.

When we make energy saving decisions, we reduce demand, and in turn reduce the amount of air pollution produced on our behalf. So, what kind of energy saving decisions can you make? They run the spectrum from simple to pretty complicated. Things like:

  • Changing to Energy Star rated lighting…like LED lighting. Lighting is one of the biggest energy uses in our homes!
  • Keeping your house a little bit warmer this summer by not using the A/C as much
  • Turning off unneeded lights around the house (I swear my kids need EVERY SINGLE LIGHT ON all the time!)
  • Consider replacing appliances, as they need replaced, with the most energy efficient appliances possible. That may cost a little more upfront, but it will positively impact your energy bill.

We have to breathe. We aren’t moving away from dirtier forms of energy at a very quick pace. Anything we can do to reduce energy demand actually improves every breath we, our loved ones, and neighbors take. Clean air IS public health.

Learn more about energy efficiency at these websites:

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